Hot Cups

 The Paper Cup Company manufacture single and double wall paper cups in the UK suitable for hot drinks. Branded cups are available from 1,000 cups.

4oz Espresso / Sampling Cups

In store sampling is a major way of introducing product to consumers. Sampling cups can be used to hold espressos & ice cream or for sampling food and drinks. Minimum order for printing is 1,000 cups

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Vending Cups

8oz vending cups have a 73mm rim and can be printed with your branding

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Single Wall Cups

Single wall paper cups are suitable for hot drinks and available in 4oz - 20oz in white, Raffe or printed with your design. Minimum order is 1 case of 1,000 cups. Branded cups are available from a lead time of 72 hours.

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Double Wall Cups

Double wall hot drink cups are available in 8oz to 20oz and offer extra insulation. Available in white, Altino, Break Time or printed from a minimum order of 1,000 cups with your design.

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Cold Drink Cups

 The Paper Cup Company manufacture Candy Stripe paper cups which are exclusive to TPCC. Printed cold cups and PET Tumblers are also available.

Candy Stripe Cups

Candy Stripe cups have been designed for use in milkshake bars. 12oz and 16oz Candy Stripe cups are cased 1000 per box and 20oz are cased 500 per box. Three colours are available in blue, pink or green.

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PET Plastic Cups

The clarity of PET containers gives a premium look for both drinks and packaged products. 4 sizes of clear PET cups are available with 3 types of lid which fit all sizes. PET tumblers can be printed from a minimum order of just 15,000 in up to 4 colours.

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White Cold Cups

White cold cups have a double polyethylene coating making them suitable for all cold drinks and are available in 12, 16 & 20oz. Printing is available from 10,000.

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Water Cups

8oz single wall cups are suitable for water in the Green Cup design and in white. Packed 1,000 cups per case. Printed water cups are also available from 1,000.

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Food Containers

 The Paper Cup Company supply traffic light cups, measuring cups & paper tubs for ice cream, popcorn and chicken.

Ice Cream Containers

Paper Ice Cream Containers are available in white, Arctic design or printed with your branding. The minimum order for white and Arctic is 1,000, or 10,000 for bespoke printed ice cream containers.

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Popcorn Buckets

Popcorn buckets available in 6 sizes from 32oz - 170oz. 32oz, 46oz and 64oz are packed in cases of 500. 85oz and130oz containers are packed in cases of 150 and 170oz containers are packed in cases of 100.

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Traffic Light Cups

Use cups in education, coloured as Traffic Lights to assess pupil’s learning and understanding. With the 3 coloured paper cups on the pupil’s desk, they can be used in a variety of ways.

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Food/ Chicken Buckets

85oz double PE board white chicken buckets are packed 150 per case. Printing is available from 50,000. These buckets are also suitable for other food uses and for mixing paint and resins.

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 The Paper Cup Company supply corrugated cup sleeves and manufacture branded Ad sleeves in the UK. Lids, straws & carry trays are also available.

Paper Cup Lids

90mm straw slot lids are translucent and fit 12, 16 and 20oz cold cups. Black and white sip lids for hot drinks are available in 80mm & 90mm to fit 8oz, 12oz, 16oz & 20oz.

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Drinking Straws

Jumbo Neon straws are available in mixed packs of 1,000 containing green, pink, orange and yellow. These are our most popular straw and are suitable for thick milkshakes. Translucent spoon straws are also available in cases of 5,000.

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Corrugated Cup Sleeves

Corrugated sleeves are available in white and brown from just 1 case of 2,000. Branded sleeves are available from 50,000 in a lead time of 10 weeks. Artwork production is free with each order.

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Carry Trays

4 cup carry trays are made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled. 4 cup carry trays can be easily split into two 2 cup carry trays. They are essential for takeaway drinks and fit 8oz cups to 20oz cups. Moulded pulp carry trays are a practical item which customers will appreciate.

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