Environmental Information

Green Earth Appeal


The Paper Cup Company work with Green Earth Appeal to offset the carbon footprint produced by manufacturing paper cups. Green Earth Appeal plant a single tree if the customer opts in to way 99 pence to offsett the carbon footprint of 1,000 cups. 

Green Apple Award Winner


The Paper Cup Company has scooped a Green Apple Environment Award in the national campaign to find Britain's greenest companies, councils and communities.







Recycle your paper cups through Save-a-Cup. The Save a Cup scheme was set up by the vending, foodservice and plastics industries to collect biodegradable plastic cups from workplaces across the UK. Biodegradable paper cups can now be composted as part of the Save a Cup collection scheme.

Recycle Now!

recycle now

Paper cups are made from Polyethylene (PE) coated board, 95% of the material is made from wood pulp from sustainable sources, this PE coated board is often referred to as composite packaging material , and is the description used for paper cartons similar to the ones commonly manufactured by Tetra Pack, and is widely recycled within the UK with 98% of UK authorities recycling paper drink cartons, you can find locations in the UK through RecycleNow. Although paper cups can be composted, The Paper Cup company feels it is more environmentally friendly to recycle paper cups, ideally recovering fibres for conversion into other paper products, or for energy. Type in your post code here to find your nearest recycling bank.


Beca Bins


The Paper Cup Company recommends the use of Beca-Bins to collect used paper cups. The slots enable the cups to be stacked into neat columns. When you take the lid off the base, the paper cups are now within a bin bag ready to be collected by Save-a-cup if required.

Eco Cup Bank

Used disposable cups stack in the collection tubes saving significant space. This not only reduces cleaning and waste management costs but also introduces the
possibility of recycling. There is a separate funnel for any waste liquid, which collects in a separate removable flask for ease of emptying. Find out more.




As an environmentally responsible company, The Paper Cup Company is keen to work with WRAP (waste & resources action programme) to help increase the overall rate of packaging waste that is being recycled or composted. For further information visit WRAP.